We all have shipped or received at least a dozen packages wrapped in bubble padded paper. And there’s nothing more fun and relaxing than popping those bubbles afterwards. Although it’s a fun product, bubble paper also has an important role in securing the content of a package. Therefor it’s in your best interest to get bubble padded products that are reliable, sturdy and made with the best quality. At Cushion Air Packaging we are confident that we manufacture the best quality bubble padded packaging material in the industry.

We offer both bubble padded envelopes and mailers as well as lining. When picking which type of product suits your needs, there are a few options to consider. Let us break it down for you. Bubble padded envelopes are envelopes with bubble padding on the inside that provides more strength and protection. Bubble padded paper contains air bubbles and is very light-weight, keeping your postage costs low. Aside from the bubble padded envelopes, Cushion Air Packaging also offers bubble packaging rolls and regular bubble envelopes for less fragile items that still need to be transported safely. All of these products are of course available in different sizes and dimensions to suit your needs. Our sturdy packaging products have been tested and proven to shield the enclosed item and protect it from many forces that could damage it. Each padded envelope and mailer comes with a self-seal adhesive strip that is super thick for worry-free shipping.

Our wide variety of envelopes and mailers are not the only reason why you should choose Cushion Air Packaging when looking for the best quality. Here are a few other benefits:

Manufactured in Ontario

All of our products are manufactured right here in Ontario, Canada. We don’t outsource the manufacturing of our products, which is how we keep the product and transportation costs low. In turn, this is beneficial for the local economy and environment.

Highest Quality & Best Price in the Industry

Cushion Air Packaging is the proud manufacturer of the highest quality and best priced bubble lining on the market. We offer 3rd web high slip bubble lining for customers who require maximum cushioning and protection. This means that the envelope has a third layer of bubble paper between two layers, which provides extra resistance and easy entry and removal of the products.

Next Day Delivery when Shopping Online

Our online store is very easy to use, demonstrating you price comparisons and dimensions. The check-out process is simple and to top it all off, we offer next day delivery for your product orders.

Save on Postage

We offer the lightest weight mailers available, making sure you don’t waste any resources on postage costs of the actual envelope. We have also ensured that the bubble envelopes and mailers of different sizes conform to rigid performance specifications.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our products. We will happily assist you in making the right purchases for your business: info@cushionairpackaging.com.

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