Growing up, or even now, having bubble paper around the house after receiving an ordered package brought so much excitement. Most people could spend hours enthusiastically popping the bubble paper until it was flat. Sometimes, the bubble packaging was more fun than the product shipped. Now, bubble packaging serves a slightly different purpose. Although we would all like to, or could use, taking a couple hours out of our day to sit and pop bubble wrap lining, now you are required to go out and purchase them for more practical purposes. For example, storing valuables or packing up to move houses.

Bubble Padded Mailers and Envelopes – Cheapest price at the highest quality

Moving is already such an expensive process that by the time you are packing up to move, you don’t want to spend much more. Cushion Air Packaging understands that, and that is why we offer the lightest weight mailers. Just because our products are reasonably priced and weigh less, does not mean we forfeit on quality. On the contrary, we ensure sturdy packaging that offers protection from pressure for an extended period of time. In addition, each padded envelope and mailer comes with a self-seal adhesive strip that will not detach. Our 3rd web high slip bubble lining offers the most protection as it has an extra layer while still providing easy entry and removal of products.

Manufactured in Ontario – Our employees want to keep your valuables safe

One of the reasons are prices are so low is because all of our products are manufactured in Ontario by hardworking individuals who are passionate about delivering amazing products and building a sustainable relationship with each and every one of our customers. This allows savings on transportation costs and a more environmentally friendly transaction.

Cushion Air Packaging understands your busy life

One of the only drawbacks of purchasing products online is impatiently waiting for them to ship. This is especially true when you are packing up last minute and plan ahead. One of the benefits of choosing Cushion Air Packaging is that we offer next day delivery when shopping online. We also have designed our website so that product selection is made simple and checkout is extremely easy. Just figure out what dimensions you need to fit your item, how much protection you desire, and then you are good to go! We offer bubble padded mailers at an assortment of different sizes, as well as bubble pouches and bubble rolls so that no matter what valuables you have to move, they are always protected.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our products. We will happily assist you in making the right purchases. Please email us at